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Rebuilding Hope: 16 New Homes Built in Beaumont

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck southern Haiti in August 2021, the need for safe and secure housing became more critical than ever. Many families were left homeless, facing the harsh realities of living without adequate shelter. In response to this urgent need, Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with the Mormon Church, embarked on a mission to provide relief and hope by building16 new homes for affected families.

The collaboration between Habitat for Humanity and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints exemplifies the power of community and partnership in times of crisis. Together, these organizations have leveraged their resources, expertise, and dedication to rebuild not just homes, but also the spirits and futures of those impacted by the earthquake.

The 16 homes were strategically built in one of the most affected areas, Beaumont, ensuring that those in dire need received immediate attention and support.

The construction utilized sustainable and locally sourced materials, ensuring that the homes are environmentally friendly and resilient against future natural disasters.

Local community members were actively involved in the building process, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

One of the most significant achievements of this project is the provision of safe and secure housing. The new homes are designed to withstand the region’s weather challenges, including heavy rains and storms, which are common in Haiti. The beneficiaries now have a sanctuary that offers protection from the elements, drastically improving their quality of life and sense of security.

Testimonials from Beneficiaries

Luciane shared her gratitude: “Before this house, we had nowhere safe to go when it rained. Now, my children can sleep peacefully at night without the fear of the roof collapsing over our heads.”

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