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Our approach

Habitat developed its Pathways to Permanence strategy in response to natural disasters, to provide a roadmap for disaster-affected communities to follow on their way to re-establishing permanent housing. This approach also helps emergency responders shape short-term solutions that keep sustainable, long-term shelter in mind.

Through Pathways to Permanence, disaster survivors have a variety of options at each stage of recovery to accommodate their individual circumstances. These options go beyond construction by incorporating housing support services, technical training and advocacy in order to advance the entire housing sector. Each option adheres to both local and international standards and accountability.

This holistic approach goes beyond the physical structure. It includes elements related to public infrastructure (water, sanitation, transportation, communication, etc.), security, livelihoods, education, health and finance. Most importantly, while the strategy lays out a menu of specific options, the individual pathways are determined by the affected communities themselves. Community members are valued partners with important knowledge, skills and experience, not helpless victims in need of charity.

Within the Pathways to Permanence framework in Haiti, Habitat is focusing on four specific lines of business:

  • Advocacy
  • Community engagement
  • Institutional technical assistance
  • Housing support services.

Everyone deserves a decent place to live.