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Life during quarantine

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Haiti went into quarantine on March 20, 2020. Habitat for Humanity Haiti continued to work from home and in the field. Committed to a world where we can empower everyone with the tools they need to remain safe and healthy.

The leading NGO in housing continued construction on 22 houses, where construction had begun prior to quarantine measures.

“Today, we are facing a reality in which staying at home means staying safe, so it was imperative for the organization to continue with the construction of these 22 houses so we can save lives during the quarantine and give a safe place to call home to 22 families”, says Isabelle Vasquez, Communication and Resource Development officer in Habitat for Humanity Haiti.

Habitat for Humanity Haiti started awareness campaigns in rural parts of Haiti to inform the population of the dangers of the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread. Over 500 people have been informed of safety precautions such as social distancing at 6 feet apart from people outside of your household, avoiding greetings such as handshakes and kissing on the cheeks

Millions of people in Haiti live in homes that do not have clean water and can’t afford supplies to adequately treat their water. Which is why Habitat distributed 90 hand washing buckets and water storage containers. Three large permanent hand washing stations were also installed in areas where people congregate such as open markets and town squares.

In the near future, Habitat also plans to distribute 78 hygiene kits containing face masks, face shields, soap and water purification tablets. There is still much to do but we can not do it alone, we need you to join the cause and donate now.

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