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Housing support services

Housing support services are implemented across a variety of Habitat programs in Haiti. One of the best examples is our efforts and partnerships through the recovery efforts around hurricane Matthew.

  • Safe construction messaging
  • Construction technical assistance
  • Vocational training opportunities/livelihood initiatives
  • Financial literacy training
  • Disaster risk reduction training
  • Gender awareness and sensitivity

Hurricane Matthew Recovery
Category-4 Hurricane Matthew violently struck southwestern Haiti on October 4, 2016 bringing heavy rainfall in the south, southeast and the northwest; creating the largest humanitarian emergency in the country since the 2010 earthquake.It caused considerable damage to the housing sector. Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency reports that over 500 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured. The devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in October has left many in desperate circumstances. The aid community experienced a challenge in getting needed financial resources as well as safe travel into the affected regions in the immediate aftermath of the Hurricane’s passage. One year later, slow and steady progress is being made to help families in the Nippes, South and Grande Anse departments of Haiti pick up the pieces.

As Habitat has no current infrastructure in this part of Haiti, we’re creating strategic partnerships with other reputable organizations including Mercy Corps, OXFAM and CESVI who already have offices in the affected areas. With Mercy Corps, we’ve started implementing trainings in Nippes. In the ongoing recovery phase, Habitat’s planned interventions include:

  • Construction Technical Assistance
  • Shelter Recovery Kit distribution
  • House assessment, repair and reconstruction
  • Safer construction messaging and training

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