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Urban resilience through partnership with EU

Habitat for Humanity Haiti was happy to participate in URBAcafe, a panel on urban resilience in Haiti organized through our partnership with the European Union. Habitat for Humanity was invited to provide expert opinion on international resilience in housing.

The socially distanced panel consisted of experts in the field, architects, engineers, as well as members of Haiti government in charge of building and construction regulations.

It featured lively debate about the true meaning of resilience, which is not just surviving a traumatic incident such as an earthquake, but to actively work to come out of it better than before. The meeting was attended by masked attendees as well as projected live on ZOOM for an international audience who also submitted questions and remarks on the topic.

Our lively conversations concluded that although Haiti has taken on many positive steps to prevent possible future national disasters from having such a terrible death toll in the future, there is still much work to be done. One of the steps the program has decided to take on to improve resilience, is research into alternative raw materials in construction, in partnership with three Universities in Haiti.

With your help, and your contributions, we can all make a difference.

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