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Life after Hurricane Matthew

When hurricane Matthew struck Haiti last year it left 2.1 million people affected across 3 of Haiti’s southern departments. Some of the people having the hardest time bouncing back from hurricane Matthew are the elderly. With the help of our generous donors, Habitat recently rolled out shelter recovery kit distributions in 4 communal sections of the Nippes department. 440 beneficiaries over the age of 50 were served, each receiving a shelter recovery tool kit, 11 metal sheets, 10 bags of cement and 8 planks of wood and number of tools, to help rebuild or reinforce homes damaged by the hurricane.

Solange is 62, she lives in Petit Trou de Nippes with two of her five children and two grandchildren. In her younger days, Solange used to farm and work the fields to support her family. Unfortunately, with old age, Solange hasn’t been able to work for over 10 years. “We still plant on our property, there are mouths to feed and whenever possible we sell the rare surplus nearby or exchange with neighbors who plant different items. I am so thankful for these supplies. Our home was severely damaged by Matthew and we didn’t know where or who to turn to for help. The Lord works in mysterious ways, I was worrying about all of this and then a delegate came to tell us that help was on the way. Thank you, Habitat, god bless you and the people who all make this possible. These supplies are going to allow us to fix that roof and help give my grandchildren a dry place to sleep at night. We would return the favor if we could, but now we offer thanks and blessings.

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