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Haiti Property Law Working Group

Many of the challenges facing the housing sector in Haiti begin with the lack of clarity around land tenure: Who owns or has rights to occupy the land? In 2011, Habitat began to address the complex, expensive and inefficient procedures related to land tenure and ownership by founding the Haiti Property Law Working Group. This Haitian-led collection of legal and policy experts, donor agencies, businesses, nongovernmental organizations and representatives from the Haitian government today includes more than 260 members. Demonstrating an unprecedented level of consensus, the group has published two manuals: the first clarifies the procedures for buying and selling land in Haiti, and the second explains the different tenure types that exist under Haitian law and details the rights and responsibilities of owners and tenants. The next phase of the program will focus on the dissemination of the manuals and certifying a cadre of trainers to reach stakeholders and influence behaviors.

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